Web development

Chocolate Lily Web Projects brings Drupal-based web technology and processes together with a deep understanding of nonprofit organizations. 

The interconnection between these two worlds enables us to match our services to the unique needs and abilities of NGOs and grassroots groups.

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For the Drupal 8 cycle, we have a new, collaborative focus.

Drutopia is an initiative within the Drupal project that prioritizes putting the best online tools into the hands of grassroots groups. By embracing the liberatory possibilities of free software and supporting people-centred economic models, Drutopia aims to revolutionize the way we work and cooperate.

Drutopia is at once an ethos of Drupal development and a fresh take on Drupal distributions for users to build upon, all based in a governance model that gives users a large role in the direction of the project.

Learn more at drutopia.org.

Open Outreach

Open Outreach is a Drupal 7 distribution that provides nonprofit, community and activist groups the tools they need to quickly and affordably develop their web presence.

As the lead developers for Open Outreach we continually strive to make it easier for groups to use by fine tuning its functionality, improving documentation and working with groups to help them customize it to more effectively meet their mandates.

Read more about Open Outreach or visit the openoutreach.org website.