Leaders in Drupal nonprofit web development

At Chocolate Lily we work to make the best web technology accessible to all organizations. We do so through Open Outreach, a free software that provides an out of the box website with features meeting the particular aims and needs of NGOs.

Open Outreach is built on Drupal, the free, open source software that powers tens of thousands of nonprofit websites, from Oxfam International to the Young Parents Support Network. Open Outreach is now powering 300 sites, from Nature Explorers to the Songo Drumming Project.

We'll provide your nonprofit with a beautiful Open Outreach website including features like an event calendar, social media integration, video handling, and more. If you have more specific needs, we can upgrade your existing website to Open Outreach or build custom functionality. See our services page for details.

As well as building websites, we offer expert Drupal consultation and training.

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