Café Justicia

Café Justicia is a coffee produced in Guatemala by cooperatives organized by the Campesino Committee of the Highlands (CCDA). Sales of the coffee not only support the families of cooperative members but also fund social development projects in surrounding communities and the CCDA's broader struggle for social justice. Café Justicia is imported and roasted in Canada by BC CASA, a solidarity organization based in British Columbia. All profits from sales in Canada are returned to the CCDA and other social justice organizations in Guatemala.

Café Justicia needed a website that would act as both an education tool and as a method for people to place orders for coffee. They needed a site that would be simple to maintain as all of their work in Canada is done by volunteers. Through a process of discussion, we together clarified objectives, outlined desired functionality, and reviewed design elements.  We provided training to enable volunteers to prepare and upload content and finally launch their first ever site. Post-launch, we were available to troubleshoot any problems that came up and continue training and support as Café Justicia grew into its new site.