Debut Features

Debut is a suite of Drupal Features developed by Chocolate Lily that provides basic functionality for the content types and displays that many nonprofit sites will need.

Debut features are based on the following precepts:

  • Debut features should provide the basic functionality that most sites or distributions will need.
  • Any advanced or specialized functionality should be provided in separate features that require more basic features.
  • Discovarability and ease of use for both admins and end users should be an overriding goal.
  • Every main task should have only one primary admin interface.
  • Common protocols and solutions should be used to ensure consistency and ease of use.

Debut Features for Drupal 7

  • Debut Article: Post articles and display relevant contextual sidebar information.
  • Debut Bio: Add a biographical user profile and associated views for displaying author information.
  • Debut Blog: Allow users to maintain individual blogs accessible from their user profiles.
  • Debut Comment:  Commonly needed functionality for commenting including comment notification, CAPTCHAs, and login enhancements.
  • Debut Event: Add events, including ones that repeat, and display them in calendars.
  • Debut Forum: Forum functionality integrating Drupal core Forum module and Advanced Forum.
  • Debut Highlighted: Highlight specific pages of your site with a configurable homepage slideshow of featured content.
  • Debut Link: Add and display links to other websites.
  • Debut Location: Display locations on a map using taxonomy-based icons.
  • Debut Media: Embed videos, and add images to content, and display media files in carousels.
  • Debut Member: Create private members-only pages for your site.
  • Debut RedHen: Manage contacts and organizations with the RedHen CRM.
  • Debut SEO: Optimize your site for search engines by enhancing content with metadata.
  • Debut Section: Nested landing pages for the main sections of a site (using Book module).
  • Debut Social: Provide social media links for articles, users, and the site as a whole and allow users to email content recommendations.
  • Debut WYSIWYG: Provide a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) editor for easily formatting text including input formats, with different versions per user role.