Open Outreach

Open Outreach provides an out of the box feature rich website for nonprofits. Built as a distribution of the free Drupal web software, Open Outreach is currently powering more than 500 websites.

A Drupal distribution is designed so that much of the functionality that is required to build a website is available after a simple download.  In essence it packages together areas of Drupal functionality by pre-configuring and enabling the modules required for these elements.  Open Outreach contains features frequently used by organizations such as events calendars, a blog and ways to engage with members.

Open Outreach is at the core of our work at Chocolate Lily. Groups we work with have the option of starting with the distribution, thus saving themselves the financial cost of the early site set up stage. It also paves the ways for groups to take on the development of their own websites much more independently, perhaps only requiring some planning advice and training to be able to have a fully functional and visually pleasing website up and running.

While Chocolate Lily is taking the lead on getting this project going, it's designed to be a community initiative with others contributing both at a technical and at an organizational level. We are currently exploring the idea of creating a technology cooperative to house Open Outreach, building a strong organizational basis that will allow groups to pool their resources, both benefiting from and contributing to the project.

If you are interested in learning more about this project or getting involved, please contact us and get involved!