Open source projects

Open source projects are developed as community collaborations and reflect a values-based approach of freely sharing intellectual and technical achievements. Community open source development requires a commitment to openness and collaboration.  

As part of that commitment, Chocolate Lily is engaged in various projects, including developing a Drupal distribution aimed at the nonprofit sector.  A Drupal distribution enables those with modest technical skills to install and configure a fully functional Drupal site.  This distribution, Open Outreach, allows cost and time savings for small groups, making open source a much more viable option.

As part of creating this new distribution, we are building a series of Features, called Debut, that will create particular content types, displays and contexts that serve as basic building blocks.

Contributed modules (add-ons that enhance the functionality of a core Drupal download) are another major way that those working in the community add to the Drupal project.  Nedjo has contributed many modules and they are currently used on over 20,000 sites.