Young Parents Support Network

Young Parents Support Network (YPSN) is a small nonprofit based in Victoria, Canada that works to meet the needs of the young parent community through parenting programs and groups, as well as one-to-one services for young and expecting parents facing challenges in their lives.

As a former staff member at YPSN, Rosemary was delighted to be able to meet YPSN’s need for an updated website using Chocolate Lily’s brand new Drupal distribution Open Outreach.  The new site features easy-to-use functionality, as well as features such as an event calendar, donate now button, and social linking that had not been available on their previous site. Photographs of young parent members and their children provide a visual appeal previously lacking.  They have chosen a traditional Drupal theme but have uniquely customized it with a graphic banner designed by one of their parents.

Training of the staff enabled them to take on much of the content uploading and to ensure that their site is kept up-to-date with frequent blog posts,  program and event information and profiles of members and volunteers.