Open Outreach

What's new with Open Outreach?

What’s new with the Open Outreach distribution for nonprofits? Lots!

There are now over 250 sites using Open Outreach. After working on getting this distribution up and running for so long, it's gratifying to see that it's starting to build some momentum. We’re looking for more Open Outreach sites to profile on the Open Outreach site, so if you’ve got one up and running, we’d love to hear about it.

Pilot project

As part of our efforts to get even more groups using Open Outreach, we’re launching a pilot project to help nonprofit and grassroots groups easily and affordably access this new distribution. The pilot will also allow us to gather evaluation materials to keep fine-tuning Open Outreach to meet groups' needs. We’ve got some interest but could use help getting the word out. If you work with or know about a nonprofit that needs a new Drupal 7 website, please direct them to the pilot project details. Thanks!

First Open Outreach release candidate

As of the latest release - our first release candidate, issued on May 10 - Open Outreach is now available as a fully packaged download on This is a great step forward and we’re appreciative of all the work that went into making this possible.

Do you build nonprofit Drupal sites? Consider using Open Outreach

Open Outreach is a Drupal 7 distribution designed to provide a web solution that small and medium sized nonprofits can just turn on and start using. Today we rolled the beta5 release, which takes some major steps forward in terms of usability while catching up with the latest progress in Media module. We also have a new project website at, with a growing collection of screencast tutorials on installing and using the distribution.