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A multiplicity of Open Outreach sites

April 12, 2013
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As the developers and maintainers of the Open Outreach distribution for nonprofits, we’re curious to see who is using the distribution to further their website building efforts. The results are a surprising mix of causes we support, as well as those we're less excited about. That's all part of the mix of open source development. So here’s a bit of an overview of what we’ve recently discovered about who’s using Open Outreach.

Environmental: The FRAC Sand Awareness Project is a US-based regional collaborative dedicated to empowering, uniting and advocating for local communities affected by industrial silica sand mining. In Mexico, Amina Mundi fosters and promotes biocultural diversity through scientific research. In Australia, the Parramatta Climate Action Network is a local organization looking at both local and global issues.

Education, culture and media: Also in Australia, the Learning with New Media Research Group conducts world-class research on the relationships between education, technology and media. Quo Vadis is an annual congregation of college and graduate students as well as young professionals aimed at creating a sustainable world-wide network of young members of the Polish Diaspora. The Songo Drumming Project out of the UK was an early adopter using Open Outreach to promote community and togetherness through rhythm.

Youth: Hacker Scouts is an inclusive, diverse, co-ed organization designed to support the next generation of makers, explorers, entrepreneurs, and leaders through an innovative program that blends creativity and technical skill. Then there are more traditional Scouts such as the Torbay District Scouts in the UK and the Fairport Girl Scouts in the US.

Religion/Humanism: Here we have a huge diversity from the Quakers in Hamilton, Canada to the Oregon Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to the Humanists, Atheists and Agnostics of Manitoba.

Legal: The Los Angeles Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild is an association of human rights lawyers, law students, legal workers and jail house lawyers, dedicated to the belief that human rights are more sacred than property interests. On behalf of this belief they defend, in the streets and in the courts, individuals,  groups and movements who are fighting for progressive or revolutionary economic,  political and social  change; groups fighting racism and sexism;  and, groups fighting to end U.S. imperialism and its wars of interventions. The Ohio Rights Group  is focused on the Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment.

Political: Forward is the website of the US Socialist People’s Party which works to build self-empowerment and collective unity between working people, trade unionists, women, students, small farmers and people from Black, immigrant, Native American, LGBT/QIA and other communities suffering discrimination. Vote Report Philippines 2013  is monitoring the 2013 automated election system in the Philippines. Women Occupy San Diego  is an independent organization of San Diego County women dedicated to creating an equitable economic system and restoring government for and by the people rather than for corporations and the wealthy.

Just for fun: And finally two of our favourite sites in the just for fun category, the Doctor Who Club of Australia and the German cheerleading site, Dynamic Cheer Athletics. Who knew?