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What's new with Open Outreach?

May 30, 2012
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What’s new with the Open Outreach distribution for nonprofits? Lots!

There are now over 250 sites using Open Outreach. After working on getting this distribution up and running for so long, it's gratifying to see that it's starting to build some momentum. We’re looking for more Open Outreach sites to profile on the Open Outreach site, so if you’ve got one up and running, we’d love to hear about it.

Pilot project

As part of our efforts to get even more groups using Open Outreach, we’re launching a pilot project to help nonprofit and grassroots groups easily and affordably access this new distribution. The pilot will also allow us to gather evaluation materials to keep fine-tuning Open Outreach to meet groups' needs. We’ve got some interest but could use help getting the word out. If you work with or know about a nonprofit that needs a new Drupal 7 website, please direct them to the pilot project details. Thanks!

First Open Outreach release candidate

As of the latest release - our first release candidate, issued on May 10 - Open Outreach is now available as a fully packaged download on This is a great step forward and we’re appreciative of all the work that went into making this possible.

Speaking of releases, we’ve switched to new release approach. When security releases come out for Drupal core or contrib projects included in Open Outreach, we’ll offer a version just with those security updates. Then, when we offer a next version release it will include new functionality or bug fixes.

Next initiatives

Our next major focus in expanding the functionality of Open Outreach is to develop CRM integration. We’ve taken the first step in developing a Debut Member feature that provides members roles and incorporates content access to allow for private, members-only content. Next up is choosing a CRM solution to build on. We’re currently leaning towards a feature built on RedHen, the impressive native Drupal CRM initiative.

We're also working on adding Apps support, so it's easier to discover and add new Open Outreach compatible features.

New contributors

It’s great that other Drupal shops are starting to use Open Outreach to build sites. It’s even better that they are joining in with the development work. Thanks to EchoDitto for their work on developing some new candidate Debut features including Debut Press Release and to developer Paul Mackay for his work on Debut Newsletter and Debut Location. We hope to include some of these contributions in future releases of Open Outreach.

Pantheon version in the works

And finally, we are working with the Pantheon team to offer Open Outreach for install on their amazing platform. This is going to make it even easier for groups to get going using Pantheon’s great set up.

As always, to find out more about Open Outreach visit the site or contact us.


Nedjo and Rosemary, the Open Outreach team