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Eco Learning Hive

Screenshot of Eco Learning Hive
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The Eco Learning Hive is a one-stop environmental education shop serving Southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Wanting to update the website, the sponsoring organization was interested in moving to a well established CMS such as Drupal and was drawn to the mapping possibilities offered by Open Outreach.

To make their site highly usable by educators, families and environmental groups, we integrated search functionality into the mapping display. We also customized the site to relate organizations to the programs and events they offer as well as resources they create. We also focused on making the site more interactive through the use of user ratings and “playlists” of favourite programs and a membership role for participating environmental education organizations.

As with many of the small groups we work with, a key focus was on training and documentation so that groups can become skilled at working with their site and gaining a sense of ownership of it.